Clients often ask: “How much for a cake?”.

This is, unfortunately like asking “how long is a piece of string?”.

Custom Cakes can be elaborate or simple, to feed 100 or to feed just you, they could take 30 minutes to put together or 8 to 20 hours. All of these are factors that will determine the final price of your Custom Cake.

Some of the vital information that we need in order to determine the price of your Custom Cake will be:

  • The date of your event?
  • Celebration type (birthday, anniversary, wedding)?
  • Flavour of your cake?
  • Design that you like?
  • Number of people that you would like to cater for?
  • Would you like delivery or prefer to collect?

Once we have all of this, we can put together a proper quotation for you. Here is our General Price List to give you an idea of our pricing structure.

These prices are a guide only and are subject to change without notice.


We have a mouth-watering selection of beautiful and scrumptious pre-designed cakes from which you can choose in our On-Line Shop.


Please that note these prices are based on minimum charge and could vary according to size and complexity of your request.

1 Tier
15cm, 3 layer cake covered in buttercream R350+
covered in fondant R450+
 18cm, 3 layer cake covered in   buttercream R450+
 covered in fondant


2 Tier
 20cm & 15cm tiers covered in buttercream R750+
covered in fondant R850+
 25cm & 20cm tiers covered in buttercream R1,100+
 covered in fondant R1,200+
3 Tier
 25, 20 & 10cm tiers covered in buttercream R1,300+
 covered in fondant R1,450+
Picture Cakes
(A4 Size – 30 x 21cm)
 1 layer – iced in buttercream + A4 edible print R300
 2 layers – iced in buttercream + A4 edible print R550
3D and Shaped Cakes R650+
Gourmet – with fillings and/or gourmet frostings R20 each
Basic – with a swirl of buttercream and sprinkles R18.50 each
Themed Cupcakes = A Basic Cupcake plus:
Simple topper (flower/star/number,etc) R19.00 each
Edible print on fondant disc R19.50 each
Hand-crafted 2D or 3D toppers From0R22.50ea


Toppers priced according to size and/or complexity



Hand-crafted 2D edible toppers R15 each
Hand-crafted 3D edible toppers R25 each
Medium sized hand-crafted 3D figurine R80 each
Large sized hand-crafted 3D figurine R180 each
Small simple fondant flowers R2 each
Hand-crafted edible flowers R25 each
Fresh Flowers R20 each
Chocolates (depending on type and quantity) R5 each
Laser cut wood or perspex topper R85 each

Other Goodies


Meringue, Marshmallow or Oreo Pops

R12 each

Biscuits decorated with fondant R22 each
Biscuits hand-iced with Royal Icing R24 each
French Macarons R15 each
Themed Chocolates R8 each
Chocolate Coated Cake Pops R20 each
Edible prints – A4 Full Colour R70 each