As in any industry, we “cakey” people have different terms for different parts of the cake. One of the biggest confusions is between the terms Layers and Tiers.

A Layer is a single sponge cake and Tier is a combination of more than one Layer of sponge cake stacked atop one another.

We have put together a diagram of a stacked Tiered cake to show the different components of a basic fondant-covered cake.

Another confusion often comes in when deciding on the size of the cake that you will need. There are a number of representations on the internet to assist with this, however, most of them are in inches. Below is a portion chart that we have drawn up in cm’s to make this easier.

You may think that the number of slices may look a little “optimistic”. Well, you know how there is often a lot of cake left over from those big wedge slices?  To show you how we “cakey” people cut cake to get the most slices and least wastage, we have also included a handy cutting guide below.